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From Small Data to Big Insights.

The Statistics major at Butler University offers you a comprehensive and in-depth study of data and its analysis through a mathematical lens. With a focus on statistical investigations and inference, you’ll gain a strong grasp of the principles and techniques that underpin these processes.

As a student in this program, you’ll encounter real-life scenarios that require the delicate manipulation of small data sets, as well as the ability to harness the computational capabilities of advanced software for larger data sets. By exploring various facets of statistical analysis, students are well-equipped to tackle complex problems and contribute to the ever-evolving field of data science.

Program Information


Sample courses in this program include:

  • CS 142 – Introduction to Computer Science and Programming
  • MA 310 – Linear Algebra
  • MA 360 – Probability Theory 1
  • MA 362 – Linear Regression and Time Series
  • MA 468 – Predictive Analytics and Data Mining
  • MA 469 – Advanced Statistical Computing

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Three-Year Program

The Statistics major can be completed in a total of three years if students bring in at least eight credits from high school. Students must also plan to take courses during both summer terms. We offer an even numbered and odd numbered year path.

Learning Outcomes

Statistics students graduate with a demonstrated mastery of the fundamental and broad content areas of probability, statistical theory, statistical methods, and applications to the real world. Specifically, students who complete this degree will be able to:

Use critical thinking to advance scientific inquiry.

Communicate statistical knowledge well to others.

Design real-world tests and collection of data.

Continue learning new facts about statistics throughout their lifetimes.

Meet Your Faculty

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Headshot of Rasitha Jayesekere
Rasitha Jayesekere
Associate Professor – Statistics and Actuarial Science
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Dr. Rasitha Jayesekere is the Director of Statistics and Actuarial Science and an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Her main research interests are statistics, data mining, operations research, and community based learning…
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Headshot of Jenny Cox
Jenny Cox
Lecturer, Mathematics
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Jenny Cox is a Lecturer in the Mathematical Sciences Department at Butler University. She has a passion for teaching students mathematics, working as a mathematics teacher at both the high school and collegiate levels for 19 years. Prior to joining…
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Headshot of Mohammad Patwary
Mohammad Patwary
Assistant Professor – Statistics
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Dr. Mohammad Shaha A. Patwary is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Actuarial Science at Butler University. Before completing his M.S. degree in Applied Statistics from Minnesota State University, Mankato, Dr….
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