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The combined major in Classics and History offers students a comprehensive exploration of the Western heritage and the broader human experience. Students engage with a variety of disciplines, including English, history, modern languages, philosophy, political science, and religion, connecting the timeless insights of the classics to diverse fields of study. The History component of the major provides an unstructured yet flexible framework, allowing students to delve into various disciplines and regions, such as European, East Asian, Latin American, United States, and World History. Emphasizing theories and methods of historians, this combined major encourages a holistic approach to the study of human civilization, equipping graduates with a versatile skill set to navigate the complexities of our interconnected world.

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Sample courses in this program include:

  • HST 101 or AN 101 – Close Encounters
  • TI 200-CLA – Roman Perspectives
  • HST 217 – Chinese Civilization
  • AN 347 – Museum Studies
  • PO 381 – Ancient and Medieval Political Thought

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Headshot of Thomas Paradis
Thomas Paradis
Professor – History
Department of History, Anthropology and Classics
BiographyBorn and raised in northern Connecticut, Thomas (Tom) Paradis obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Geography at the Pennsylvania State University (1992), and his Masters (1994) and Ph.D. (1997) degrees in Geography: Urban & Rural Development…
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Headshot of Lynne Kvapil
Lynne Kvapil
Associate Professor of Classics
Department of History, Anthropology and Classics
Lynne A. Kvapil, known by her students as Dr. K, is an archaeologist specializing in ancient Greece and Aegean Prehistory. Her research focuses on the Mycenaean Greeks, particularly farming, warfare, the manufacture of ceramics, and labor organization…
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Headshot of Christopher Bungard
Christopher Bungard
Professor – Classical Studies
Department of History, Anthropology and Classics
BiographyDr. Bungard hails from the Buckeye State, having earned a BA from Denison University in Granville, Ohio before moving westwards down I-70 to Ohio State University where he earned both an MA and a PhD. He has continued his travel westwards down…
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