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Exploring the ancient world.

In Butler’s Classics program, you will enjoy an intensive, hands-on curriculum with the opportunity to supplement your departmental studies with work in other disciplines. Real engagement with the ancient world through study abroad in the very environments that inspired the ancient Greeks and Romans creates an individualized education like no other. 

Through both major tracks (Ancient Languages or Greek and Roman Culture) and the minor, the program aims to develop an appreciation, understanding, and enjoyment of classical literature and a comprehension of the abiding principles of the Western heritage.

Program Information


Sample courses in this program include:

Ancient Languages

  • GK 101 – Elementary Ancient Greek 1 
  • GK 102 – Elementary Ancient Greek 2 
  • LT 101 – Elementary Latin 1 
  • LT 102 – Elementary Latin 2 

Greek and Roman Culture

  • TI 200-CLA – Roman Perspectives 
  • TI 201-CLA – Ancient Greek Perspectives 
  • CLA 300 – Study Tour of Greece (application required)
  • CLA 301 – Epic Poetry 
  • CLA 302 – Lyric Poetry/Love Poetry

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See all Classics-Greek and Roman Culture curriculum information

  • Ancient Languages
  • Greek and Roman Culture
Three-Year Program

The Classics major can be completed in a total of three years. More information can be found in the links below.

Greek and Roman Culture

Ancient Languages

The Butler Advantage

At its core, this program transcends the boundaries of historical study—it embodies the essence of wisdom, knowledge, and experience revered by these illustrious cultures.

Students will immerse themselves in the culture, history, languages, and literature of ancient Greece and Rome, gaining a deep understanding of the societal values, traditions, and contributions of these civilizations.

Students will contextualize the cultural and historical significance of ancient Greece and Rome within the broader scope of world history, recognizing their enduring impact on contemporary societies.

Through the study of Classics, students will develop critical thinking skills, enabling them to analyze ancient texts, artifacts, and historical contexts, and apply these skills to modern challenges.

Students will have the opportunity for hands-on experiences, such as participating in archaeology digs or visiting historical sites, to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, reinforcing their learning.

Meet Your Faculty

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Headshot of Christopher Bungard
Christopher Bungard
Professor – Classical Studies
Department of History, Anthropology and Classics
BiographyDr. Bungard hails from the Buckeye State, having earned a BA from Denison University in Granville, Ohio before moving westwards down I-70 to Ohio State University where he earned both an MA and a PhD. He has continued his travel westwards down…
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Headshot of Lynne Kvapil
Lynne Kvapil
Associate Professor of Classics
Department of History, Anthropology and Classics
Lynne A. Kvapil, known by her students as Dr. K, is an archaeologist specializing in ancient Greece and Aegean Prehistory. Her research focuses on the Mycenaean Greeks, particularly farming, warfare, the manufacture of ceramics, and labor organization…
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