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Analyzing Life’s Mysteries.

Butler’s Philosophy program acquaints you with some of the main figures and fields of philosophy from around the world, including from both western and non-western traditions, as well as from marginalized communities. Through studying philosophical problems, you will strengthen your ability to think logically, critically, and ethically and learn how to accurately express complex new notions about our minds, morals, methodology, and more in both speech and writing.

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Sample courses in this program include:

  • PL 311 – History of Ancient Philosophy
  • PL 346 – Philosophy of Mind
  • PL 348 – Philosophy of Feminism 
  • PL 350 – Philosophy of Race and Racism 
  • PL 360 – Ethics 

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Three-Year Program

The Philosophy major can be completed in a total of three years. More information can be found here.

The Butler Advantage

The Philosophy program at Butler emphasizes the development of skills essential to thinking, communicating, and making decisions effectively.

Graduates will be adept at critically assessing information and arguments, distinguishing between sound reasoning and empty rhetoric across various contexts.

Students will develop the ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and coherently, both orally and in writing, demonstrating proficiency in articulating philosophical concepts.

Graduates will understand and apply ethical principles, critically evaluating the grounds for ethical decision-making in personal and professional contexts.

Students will master analytical and logical reasoning, constructing and evaluating arguments based on rational analysis, contributing to their ability to solve complex problems.

Graduates will appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of philosophy, recognizing its relevance to various academic disciplines and professions, and understanding its foundational role in disciplines like law and science.

Meet Your Faculty

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Headshot of Stuart Glennan
Stuart Glennan
Professor – Philosophy
Department of Philosophy and Religion
 Stuart Glennan is the Harry Ice Professor of Philosophy and the director of Butler University’s Science, Technology and Environmental Studies  program. He has a B.A. in philosophy and mathematics from Yale University, and a MA and PhD in…
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Headshot of Kyle Furlane
Kyle Furlane
Lecturer, Philosophy
Department of Philosophy and Religion
Headshot of Corey Reed
Corey Reed
Assistant Professor – Philosophy
Department of Philosophy and Religion
Corey Reed is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and affiliate faculty member in the Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (RGSS) program at Butler University. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Morehouse College, double majoring in English and…
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