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Inspire Melodies. Mold Minds.

Embark on a transformative journey with Butler’s Music Education major, tailored to equip you for P-12 certification in either choral/general music or instrumental/general music. The program offers a robust foundation through early, frequent, and diverse field experiences, including two immersive eight-week phases of student teaching.

Collaborative partnerships with prominent Indianapolis arts organizations, such as the Indianapolis Children’s Choir and Music For All, enhance your practical training. Complemented by a flexible curriculum and a myriad of performance opportunities, you’ll emerge uniquely poised to inspire and educate the next generation of music enthusiasts.

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In addition to studying music, our flexible curriculum allows you to easily pursue a double major, study abroad, collaborate with internationally acclaimed artists, complete a major research project, or teach in the Butler Community Arts School–all with the support and inspiration of Butler’s world-renowned faculty. Sample courses in this program include:

  • AM 24 – Keyboard Skills 4
  • ME 101 – Foundations in Music Education
  • ME 232 – Diverse Learners in the Music Classroom
  • ME 425 – Administration of the School Music Program
  • MH 305 – Music History and Literature 1
  • MT 307 – Composing and Arranging for the Classroom Ensemble

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  • Choral General
  • Instrumental
  • Jazz Studies
  • Music History
  • Music Theory
  • Performance
  • Piano Pedagogy

The Butler Advantage

By graduation, the Butler University School of Music will prepare our students to be able to:

Demonstrate a broad knowledge of music in diverse, historical, cultural, and social contexts.

Demonstrate a proficiency in fundamental theoretical aspects of music, appropriate to the area of study.

Perform using technical and artistic skills appropriate to the area of applied study, including solo and collaborative music making.

Gather, evaluate, and communicate musical information and ideas verbally and in writing.

Teach from their disciplines in a variety of settings.

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