Elementary Education

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Transforming Theory into Practice.

Butler’s Elementary Education major equips you to shape and guide the next generation of learners through immersive and experiential opportunities. Beginning in your first year and continuing through graduation, you will be in classrooms. In fact, our partnerships allow for you to take many courses on site in elementary schools where the theory you learn from expert faculty can be taken just down the hall to a real-life field experience. This culminates in a full year of student teaching—every day, all day—during your senior year.

Program Curriculum


Sample courses in this program include:

  • ED 112 – Introduction to Professional Educators 
  • ED 204 – Infusing Arts in Early & Middle Childhood Curriculum 
  • ED 206 – Intro to Early and Middle Childhood Education
  • ED 242 – Foundations of Special Education

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The Butler Advantage

Elementary Education majors learn through doing, collaborative inquiry, a nurturing environment, and the development of a professional identity. This will allow you to:

Apply knowledge of content specific pedagogy to engage K–12 students in inclusive, equitable, and just learning opportunities.

Demonstrate the ability to skillfully plan for instruction, meaningfully assess learning, and use a variety of instructional methods for diverse K–12 students.

Cultivate a sense of belonging among the diverse families, community members, and stakeholders of students in their classrooms.

I was drawn to the sense of community.

“The small class sizes and push for community involvement stood out a lot during my college search. I was drawn to the sense of community. It was something I wanted. I also couldn’t stop obsessing over the Butler Lab Schools after my visit. I had never seen anything like it and couldn’t stop talking about them to my friends back home.”

Melissa Ryan
Elementary Education major, Diverse Learners and Special Education Mild Intervention minors

Photo of Melissa Ryan

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