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The unique Healthcare and Business program prepares students with an uncommon skill set, combining Butler’s liberal arts core with basic sciences, healthcare, and business courses. Students will gain a deep knowledge in the relevant sciences, as well as varying perspectives on the business side of the healthcare industry, including the roles of healthcare providers, insurers, and administrators

More jobs are being created in healthcare-related industries than any other sector of the US economy. Graduates have a number of possibilities after completing their undergraduate study, such as enrolling in a clinical graduate program, embarking on an MBA journey, or heading straight into the job market pursuing employment on the business or technology sides of the healthcare industry.

Program Information


This curriculum blends healthcare and business courses in a creative, unique, and flexible fashion. Students take basic science courses, our “core” healthcare courses, and several fundamental and advanced courses related to the business of healthcare. Students further individualize their curriculum by choosing from over 98 healthcare or business-related electives that optimally prepare them for their chosen career path.

Sample courses in this program could include:

  • BSHS 290 – Exploring Public Health
  • EC 231 – Principles of Microeconomics
  • MK 386 – Health Care Marketing
  • MS 377 – Health Care Information & Technology Management
  • BSHS 215 – Medical Terminology

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  • Data Science
  • Medical Spanish
  • Risk Management
  • Sales and Marketing

COPHS combines personal attention with experiential learning.

“I have a newfound appreciation for what a quality, patient-centered healthcare system entails, thanks to courses such as Intro to Healthcare, Healthcare Systems and Policy, and Healthcare Quality.”

Velin Georgiev
Healthcare and Business

Velin, a Healthcare and Business student, sits in front of the Pharmacy Buildling.


Headshot of Amy Peak
Amy Peak
Associate Professor
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Dr. Amy Peak is the Director of the Health Science and Healthcare & Business programs, and Chair of the Health Science department at Butler University.   She has over 20 years experience in higher education and is a clinical pharmacist,…
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Headshot of Courtney Hatch
Courtney Hatch
Associate Dean for Faculty
Marketing, Management – LSB
Courtney Droms Hatch is the Associate Dean of Faculty and an Associate Professor of Marketing at Butler University.  She has taught classes in advertising and promotions as well as marketing research at the graduate level.  At the undergraduate level,…
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Headshot of Ronia Hawash
Ronia Hawash
Associate Professor of Economics
Economics, Business Law, Finance – LSB
Dr. Ronia Hawash is an Associate Professor of Economics in the Lacy School of Business. Dr. Hawash holds a B.A. in Economics from Cairo University (Egypt); an M.A. in Economics from the American University in Cairo (Egypt); and a Ph.D. in…
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Learning Outcomes

Students successfully completing the Healthcare and Business program will be able to:

Demonstrate ethical, professional, collaborative, and culturally-sensitive behavior in business and healthcare settings.

Integrate natural & social sciences and healthcare fundamentals with business principles to solve complex problems and optimize health outcomes.

Locate, critically analyze, and apply data in a manner that supports evidence-based healthcare.

Communicate effectively with laypersons, health professionals, and business leaders on health and business-related matters.

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