Healthcare Management

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A minor in Healthcare Management equips you with a unique blend of business acumen and specialized knowledge tailored to the healthcare sector. It provides a solid foundation in healthcare delivery systems, healthcare economics, and insurance principles. This valuable expertise prepares you to venture into the expansive and rapidly evolving healthcare industry, which stands as one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing sectors. With this minor, you’ll be well-prepared to contribute to the dynamic world of healthcare management.

Program Information


Sample courses in this program include:

  • AC 203 – Introduction to Accounting
  • MS 265 – Information Technology
  • MG 380 – Healthcare Administration
  • RM 350 – Introduction to Risk Management
  • RM 370 – Employee Benefits & Retirement Planning 

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Meet Your Faculty

Headshot of Courtney Hatch
Courtney Hatch
Associate Dean for Faculty
Marketing, Management – LSB
Associate Professor of Marketing
Lacy School of Business
Courtney Droms Hatch is the Associate Dean of Faculty and an Associate Professor of Marketing at Butler University.  She has taught classes in advertising and promotions as well as marketing research at the graduate level.  At the undergraduate level,…
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Headshot of Chad Miller
Chad Miller
Lecturer in Applied Business Technology
Lacy School of Business
Chad has been in IT since he was 13, teaching his first class to eight- and nine-year-old’s BASIC on Timex Sinclair Z80 computers. All the way through his undergraduate Integrated Science (ISP) and Mathematics double major at Northwestern, he worked with…
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Headshot of Ronia Hawash
Ronia Hawash
Associate Professor of Economics
Lacy School of Business
Dr. Ronia Hawash is an Associate Professor of Economics in the Lacy School of Business. Dr. Hawash holds a B.A. in Economics from Cairo University (Egypt); an M.A. in Economics from the American University in Cairo (Egypt); and a Ph.D. in…
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