College of Education

Exploratory Education

Our Exploratory Education major is a great starter option for students who think they would like to teach or work with youth in a community setting, but aren’t sure which path to take. As a student in this major, you’ll take introductory classes in education, experience the wide variety of educational work and settings available, and participate in assessments to discover your strengths, values, and interests—all with the purpose of unlocking your passion to confidently declare a major that is right for you.

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Catalysts for a better future

In the College of Education (COE), we believe in student-centered learning by incorporating the different ways that humans think, discover, and express knowledge in our instruction. 

We believe in the power of experience to develop extraordinarily prepared teachers. From the first semester, students are immersed in a variety of settings with students of all ages, seeing firsthand what it’s really like to be an educator. It’s no wonder COE graduates have had a 100% placement rate year after year. 

Lifelong partnerships are essential in order to train and sustain good educators. Our faculty are more coaches than lecturers, personally guiding students through both classroom and clinical experiences to help them discover what they are meant to do, not what they should do. They remain connected long after graduation, serving as lifelong career mentors to COE graduates.