College of Communication

Exploratory Communication

The Exploratory Communication major gives you an opportunity to discover the many areas of study that Butler’s College of Communication (CCOM) has to offer. Whether you want to work with people with communication disorders, study film and television, create your own film or web series, work in advertising or public relations, become a news writer, or entrepreneurial leader, CCOM has a major that will fit your passions and interests.

In the College of Communication, you will be assigned a faculty advisor who will help guide you in an effort to find your passion, all the while making progress toward your degree.  No time will be lost.  Exploratory students have the opportunity to take introductory courses in a variety of communication related courses to discover what works for you.

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We live to create

Guided by one-on-one relationships with faculty, students in the College of Communication (CCOM) graduate as skilled communicators who are engaged citizens, prepared for careers in an ever-changing field. 

CCOM provides an experiential education through research, innovative facilities, community outreach opportunities, internships, clinical experiences, and student-run organizations. Students work side-by-side with media scholars and critics, strategic communicators, clinical researchers, and speech-language pathologists. And not just in the classroom, but in labs, studios, newsrooms, agencies, and communities. 

Graduates enter their first day on the job equipped with years of real work experiences that aligns with their passions and prepares them to succeed in both their careers and in life.