Important Program Update

As the Indiana University and Purdue University partnership in IUPUI approaches its end on June 30, 2024, it is necessary to redefine Butler’s partnership with the Music Therapy program. Butler is working with IU Indianapolis to create exciting new opportunities that will benefit both students and the central Indiana economy.

All students currently enrolled in the Music Therapy Dual Degree Program, including those starting the program in fall 2023, will be able to complete their degrees on schedule and without interruption.

Through the Music Therapy Dual Degree program, you can earn either a Bachelor of Arts in Music or a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Butler and a degree in Music Therapy from our program partner, IUPUI. Depending on your chosen Butler major, this program will take either five or six years to complete, and will prepare you for a wide range of careers, whether as a music educator, a music therapist, a performer, or something else.