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An Individualized Major allows you to combine your choice of courses with an approved experiential learning component. Whether you find traditional majors too confining or your interests cross disciplinary borders, when you embark on an Individualized Major, your education is truly what you make it. Grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, Individualized Majors can take courses from any of Butler’s colleges, at other universities, and through independent study.

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The Individualized Major program consists of at least 36 hours of course work, which must form a coherent whole. This may include work taken at other colleges, including work taken through the Consortium for Urban Education interchange in Indianapolis. All normal Core Curriculum and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) requirements must be met. In LAS, the same course cannot be counted toward two different majors.

The proposed program should include an experience beyond the normal classroom-based course, such as an internship, a semester of study abroad, an honors or departmental thesis, a senior seminar in a relevant department, or a service-learning project in the junior or senior year. Because each Individualized Major is unique, there is no fixed list or sequence of courses for the major.

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