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The Exploratory Business program at Butler is tailored for individuals who plan to pursue business studies but are uncertain about their specific major of interest. Exploratory Business majors are encouraged to explore. Rather than starting down a path you’re unsure about, you can explore all of the options within business and find the best fit. You will receive help from both an academic advisor and a personal career mentor. In addition, the First-Year Business Experience class will help you learn more about yourself and explore all of the business discipline the Lacy School has to offer.



In the Exploratory Business program, you will receive help to identify your interests, explore academic options, learn about the career development process, and gather information about professions that interest you. Students take standard Lacy School of Business core classes and have the opportunity to take introductory courses across different LSB disciplines. Exploratory Business students select a major by their sophomore year and still graduate on time.

Sample courses in this program could include:

  • EI 101 – First-Year Business Experience
  • C 203 – Introduction to Accounting
  • EI 201 – Real Business Experience
  • MS 100 – Business Applications with Excel

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