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Twice the Expertise. Twice the Opportunities.

The combined Criminology and Psychology major is excellent preparation if you are considering advance study or careers in areas such as criminology, law, or victim advocacy. Combined majors draw on the knowledge and opportunities afforded by two academic departments and fields of study. 

Small class sizes and a campus in the midst of the Indianapolis metropolitan area allow students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real world settings and to everyday life.

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Combined majors require more coursework than a regular major, but less coursework than completing a major in each subject area separately (i.e., double majoring). Students completing a combined major receive one degree. Sample courses in this program include:

  • PS 320 – Life Span Developmental Psychology
  • SO 321 – Crime and Society
  • SO 339 – Violence, Media and Culture
  • PS 350 – Social Psychology
  • SO 353 – Juvenile Justice and Delinquency
  • PS 440 – Psychology of Personality

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The Butler Advantage

A student in a combined major completes about 30 credit hours—the most important courses—in each of two disciplines.

A student with a combined major is often more appealing to a prospective employer or graduate program than a student with a major in one discipline and a minor in the other.

Students have numerous opportunities to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real-world settings and to everyday life.

Graduates are well prepared for a wide range of career paths, including advocacy, law, counseling, research, and criminal justice.

Butler Faculty Care

Along with the unique classes offered in the program, there are amazing research and internship opportunities beyond the classroom. The connections I made in the Criminology and Psychology program have lasted far beyond my time at Butler and I am so grateful to have been a part of this uniquely combined program.

Emma Bergquist ’23

headshot of Emma Bergquist

Meet Your Faculty

Headshot of Stephen Barnard
Stephen Barnard
Associate Professor, Chair of Sociology & Criminology
Sociology and Criminology – LAS
Dr. Stephen (Steve) Barnard is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology and Criminology.  Before joining the faculty at Butler, he was Associate Professor and Chair of the Sociology Department at St. Lawrence University, where he…
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Headshot of Alexander Roehrkasse
Alexander Roehrkasse
Assistant Professor – Sociology & Criminology
Sociology and Criminology – LAS
Alex Roehrkasse is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminology. He is also a faculty affiliate in the Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program.  Alex’s research focuses on inequality, crime and punishment, families and children, and…
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Headshot of Karina Hamamouche
Karina Hamamouche
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Psychology – LAS
Dr. Karina Hamamouche joined Butler University in 2021. She received her BA in Psychology and French from Butler University and her PhD in Developmental Psychology from Boston College in 2019. She primarily teaches courses in Developmental Psychology.

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