Asian Studies


Discovering Asia and Its Influence.

Butler’s Asian Studies minor facilitates and promotes global citizenship and prepares you to encounter a world that is increasingly shaped by Asia. An Asian Studies minor will appeal to students who are interested in Asian history, politics, culture, or society. As a multidisciplinary minor, courses will introduce you to different theories and methodologies that can be used to better understand Asia and its many regions including Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and the larger Asian diaspora. You will have the opportunity to take courses that cover large regions in Asia and courses that focus on specific Asian countries and cultures. 

While this minor is grounded in the humanities and social sciences, it is meant to engage students from across the University. You may earn credits toward the minor both in the classroom and by studying abroad, particularly through the University’s Butler in Asia program.

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Sample courses in this program include:

  • AN328 – Japanese Popular Culture
  • HST214 – Major Themes in Asian History
  • RL377 – Religion, Gender, and the Goddess in Hinduism
  • PO326 – Chinese Foreign Policy
  • CN101 – Beginning Chinese

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The Butler Advantage

The Asian Studies minor at Butler aims to provide students with a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of Asia, preparing them for a globalized world and fostering a commitment to cultural competence and global citizenship.

Students will develop a global perspective and cultural awareness, understanding the role of Asia in shaping the contemporary world and becoming informed global citizens.

Through a multidisciplinary approach, students will gain knowledge in various disciplines such as history, politics, culture, and society, fostering a holistic understanding of Asia and its diverse regions.

Students will develop cultural competence by studying both large regions in Asia and specific countries and cultures, gaining an appreciation for the diversity within the continent.

Students will have the opportunity to earn credits toward the minor by studying abroad, particularly through the University’s Butler in Asia program, gaining firsthand experience and exposure to Asian cultures and societies.

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