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Music Therapy Dual Degree

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| Bachelor of Music

Through the Music Therapy Dual Degree program, you can earn either a Bachelor of Arts in Music or a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from Butler and a degree in Music Therapy from our program partner, IUPUI. Depending on your chosen Butler major, this program will take either five or six years to complete, and will prepare you for a wide range of careers, whether as a music educator, a music therapist, a performer, or something else.

Visit the Music Department website for semester-by-semester curriculum guides for some of our most popular double majors, including the new Music Therapy Dual Degree.

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True innovation in arts education comes from a combination of a liberal arts foundation, personal attention from renowned practicing artists, and opportunities for performance, internships, and community outreach. 

Jordan College of the Arts (JCA) students are challenged from their first days on campus to embrace their individuality and learn their art. Add collaborative partnerships and personalized experiences and students are primed to practice and create their best work. 

Through it all, we create the new artist-citizen. Those who will inspire the evolution of the arts—making our communities, economies, culture, and people better for it.