Data Science Major

Data science is a rapidly growing field. This major offers an exciting blend of statistical inquiry, analysis, and interpretation, combined with computational processing and algorithmic techniques to leverage domain-specific data into accountable and well-informed decision-making. In addition to the departmental requirements, a student must complete the University Core Curriculum, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences language requirement, and other general requirements.

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Applied Business Technology

The Applied Business Technology (ABT) program combines Management Information Systems, Supply Chain Management, and Data Analytics. The program emphasizes the application of technology to business problem-solving by equipping students with the practical skills needed to successfully compete in a global, connected, and technology-driven world. ABT students develop technological agility and an understanding of the factors that influence managerial decisions. The program also focuses on the intersection of technology with people and business processes. 

There are two tracks for the ABT program: Management Information Systems (MIS) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). 

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The Neuroscience minor introduces you to the brain, how it functions, and the consequences of its dysfunction due to abnormal development, disease, or injury. This interdisciplinary, integrative program features courses from psychology, biology, and philosophy, offering a multifaceted approach to understanding the complexity of the brain and nervous system. Opportunities for internships and individualized or collaborative research, alongside direct contact with enthusiastic faculty, enhances the knowledge base and credentials of students pursuing medical or graduate school or future careers.

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Data Science Minor

The Data Science minor will offer you an opportunity to complement your knowledge with the skills to create data-based, actionable insights to improve decision-making. This program is an ideal vehicle if you wish to gain useful and marketable technical skills preparing you for success in an increasingly data-driven world. Opportunities for internships in the local Indianapolis community will allow you to apply your modeling, data analytic, communication skills in real-world settings, laying the groundwork for graduate training in Data Science/Data Analytics as well as giving our students broader skills immediately applicable to the workplace.

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Designed for those interested in the mathematical study of data, Butler’s Statistics major gives students a powerful understanding of how and why statistical investigations and inference work. Along with the University’s small class sizes, enthusiastic learning environment, and high employment placement rate of graduates, the major provides exposure to real-life questions that involve both the gentle handling of small amounts of data and the computer software crunching power needed for large data sets. With internship opportunities at top area companies, along with our exceptional faculty, all students receive the personal, comprehensive education they need to begin a successful career in data and analysis.

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Butler’s Physics major provides a solid academic program and the opportunity to work closely with faculty on original research projects and student theses. The major encourages hypothetical thinking, intensive study, and hands-on, experiential learning in a rich, multifaceted approach to the discipline of physics that mirrors its core tenants: curiosity, scientific study, and practical application. With access to state-of-the-art equipment such as a laser and quantum physics laboratory and the Big Dawg supercomputer, alongside paid departmental research opportunities and a high placement rate to research positions, internships, graduate school, and industry, the Physics major prepares students to succeed.

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Butler’s Mathematics major follows the Committee for Undergraduate Program in Mathematics guidelines—one of the few undergraduate programs to do so. The Department of Mathematical Sciences provides students with a close-knit departmental body, collaborative research, and opportunities to travel to conferences and problem-solving competitions. Boasting a sophisticated curriculum and direct faculty contact, our Mathematics major creates outstanding real-world problem solvers who excel in graduate programs, professional study in law or medicine, or high-paying careers in government, industry, and teaching.

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Exploratory Natural Sciences

The Exploratory Natural Sciences program is designed for students who have an interest in natural science or health-related fields, but may benefit from initial exposure to available majors to identify the right fit. Students in the Exploratory Natural Sciences take a variety of intro-level coursework in the sciences, alongside LC 103 Exploratory Studies, to help determine where their interests may lie. With the opportunity to explore a variety of majors in the natural sciences, students are sure to develop new skills and learn about a variety of career paths before fully immersing themselves in a major.

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Computer Science

Butler’s Computer Science major blends academic coursework with research, internship, and service opportunities to prepare students for graduate school and the working world. The Computer Science and Software Engineering Department offers access to the Big Dawg supercomputer, networking lunches and programming contests, and the unique opportunity to create software for nonprofit organizations through participation in our Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) program. With the small class sizes of a liberal arts school and the rigorous, well-rounded curriculum and premier resources of a dedicated tech school, students have all the advantages they need to excel.

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The Chemistry program offers an undergraduate degree that emphasizes experiential learning and problem solving. Students are invited to work side-by-side with faculty in a collaborative research environment, creating a personal learning experience tailored to their interests. With access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, internships in local chemical and pharmaceutical companies, and graduate retention rates higher than the national STEM norm, Butler’s Chemistry major transforms students into scholars.

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