Exploratory Natural Sciences

The Exploratory Natural Sciences program is designed for students who have an interest in natural science or health-related fields, but may benefit from initial exposure to available majors to identify the right fit. Students in the Exploratory Natural Sciences take a variety of intro-level coursework in the sciences, alongside LC 103 Exploratory Studies, to help determine where their interests may lie. With the opportunity to explore a variety of majors in the natural sciences, students are sure to develop new skills and learn about a variety of career paths before fully immersing themselves in a major.

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Individualized Major

An Individualized Major allows you to combine your choice of courses with an approved experiential learning component. Whether you find traditional majors too confining or your interests cross disciplinary borders, when you embark on an Individualized Major, your education is truly what you make it. Grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, Individualized Majors can involve courses from any of Butler’s colleges, at other universities, and independent study.

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Exploratory Studies

Butler’s Exploratory Studies program connects you to faculty across campus and offers the support and resources necessary to help find the major that’s right for you. You will explore the more than 85 majors and minors available at Butler University. Through self-assessment and reflection, you will learn to make informed decisions to shape your own educational path and how you can apply those same approaches in exploring potential careers.

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Exploratory Business

Butler’s Exploratory Business program is perfect for those interested in studying business, but are undecided about their major. Exploratory Business majors are encouraged to explore. Rather than starting down a path you’re unsure about, you can explore all of the options within business and find the best fit. You will receive help from both an academic advisor and a personal career mentor. In addition, the Freshman Business Experience class will help you learn more about yourself and explore all of the business disciplines.

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Exploratory Education

Our Exploratory Education major is a great starter option for students who think they would like to teach or work with youth in a community setting, but aren’t sure which path to take. As a student in this major, you’ll take introductory classes in education, experience the wide variety of educational work and settings available, and participate in assessments to discover your strengths, values, and interests—all with the purpose of unlocking your passion to confidently declare a major that is right for you.

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Exploratory Communication

The Exploratory Communication major gives you an opportunity to discover the many areas of study that Butler’s College of Communication (CCOM) has to offer. Whether you want to work with people with communication disorders, study film and television, create your own film or web series, work in advertising or public relations, become a news writer, or entrepreneurial leader, CCOM has a major that will fit your passions and interests.

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