Applied Business Technology

The Applied Business Technology (ABT) program combines Management Information Systems, Supply Chain Management, and Data Analytics. The program emphasizes the application of technology to business problem-solving by equipping students with the practical skills needed to successfully compete in a global, connected, and technology-driven world. ABT students develop technological agility and an understanding of the factors that influence managerial decisions. The program also focuses on the intersection of technology with people and business processes. 

There are two tracks for the ABT program: Management Information Systems (MIS) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). 

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As an Economics student, you’ll learn data-gathering skills alongside a myriad of other subjects and interests. This degree offers core courses identical to the same degree offered by our Lacy School of Business, but with an overarching liberal arts focus, designed for students interested in a well-rounded curriculum. With a student-focused experience, direct faculty advising and support, and dual-degree and tutoring opportunities, the Economics major will prepare you for employment in a variety of settings and roles which require the use of analytical tools and data analysis.

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Risk Management and Insurance

The Davey Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) curriculum is designed to help students confidently manage the upsides and downsides of risk. Our faculty embrace a holistic view of the insurance industry and rely on strategic partnerships with professional societies and associations to provide students with opportunities for conference and event attendance, scholarships, and internships. Hands-on experience through two required internships and operating the nation’s first student-run captive insurance company will give you the real-world experiences you need to enter a growing industry. An RMI degree provides the perfect opportunity for enterprising graduates to carve their path to success in a field eager for new talent.

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Marketing students will be exposed not only to marketing, but all aspects of business—making our program a truly transformative educational experience. You will learn the latest trends in marketing, including digital marketing, international marketing, and marketing analytics. And the hands-on experience you’ll gain via two internships and coursework set our marketing students up for success. In fact, many firms hire more than one Butler Marketing major at time, and come back year-after-year seeking more Butler talent.

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Management Information Systems

At its core, our Management Information Systems (now called Applied Business Technology) program is about helping people work smarter through technology. You will study the interaction of technology with people and business processes. Through hands-on experience both in the classroom and in real-world settings, you will gain an understanding of how businesses use technology to solve problems and create new business opportunities, as well as how to anticipate and utilize future technology.

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International Business

Butler’s International Business program will expose you to all aspects of global business environments and help hone your understanding of diverse cultures. You will learn to communicate effectively and sensitively on behalf of others, identify trends in global business, and adapt business strategies to global changes. International Business students are prepared for a variety of careers in an increasingly international business environment.

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Healthcare Management

A minor in Healthcare Management means both an understanding of business disciplines and expertise in the management issues specific to the healthcare industry. You will gain a foundation in the healthcare delivery system, healthcare economics, and insurance principles, giving you the expertise you need to enter into one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the nation.

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Finance students customize their studies to individual interests and gain the real-world experience needed to graduate confidently into the financial workplace. You can focus on either corporate finance, investments, or a combination of both. The Student Managed Investment Fund gives you the opportunity to manage millions of dollars of the University endowment, and there are plenty of opportunities to participate in industry competitions including the CFA Research Challenge. In addition, two required internships lead to exceptional placement rates in both investment and corporate finance areas.

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Exploratory Business

Butler’s Exploratory Business program is perfect for those interested in studying business, but are undecided about their major. Exploratory Business majors are encouraged to explore. Rather than starting down a path you’re unsure about, you can explore all of the options within business and find the best fit. You will receive help from both an academic advisor and a personal career mentor. In addition, the Freshman Business Experience class will help you learn more about yourself and explore all of the business disciplines.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

You can funnel your passions into action through Butler’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation program. Real business start-up experiences, internships, and mentorships will guide you to craft something unique, make waves, and give you the skills you need to stand apart from competition. After graduation, you will be able to apply your innovative mindset to real-world situations putting you in the best position to take calculated risks.

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