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Exploratory Business


Butler’s Exploratory Business program is perfect for those interested in studying business, but are undecided about their major. Exploratory Business majors are encouraged to explore. Rather than starting down a path you’re unsure about, you can explore all of the options within business and find the best fit. You will receive help from both an academic advisor and a personal career mentor. In addition, the Freshman Business Experience class will help you learn more about yourself and explore all of the business disciplines.

In the Exploratory Business program, you will receive help to identify your interests, explore academic options, learn about the career development process, and gather information about professions that interest you.

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Graduate with four years of experience.

Through market-centric programming, deep business-to-education collaboration, and a dedicated career mentor, the Lacy School of Business (LSB) equips its students with the skills and knowledge to sharpen their competitive edge. 

LSB not only requires that every student have two internships; we also help you secure them. All of our students start a business in their second year, and experiential opportunities are incorporated into business courses each semester. 

The combination of a Butler education plus four years of real-world business experience and professional career mentoring is reflected in the success of our graduates, many of whom land positions right out of college that are intended for professionals with three or more years of work experience.