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Major | Minor | Three Year

| Bachelor of Science Economics

Students pursuing a major in economics will be equipped with problem-solving and data-gathering skills to make informed decisions in a variety of settings. Real-world experience through two required internships allow you to apply theoretical concepts from class, providing you with a deeper understanding of material and a working knowledge of financial institutions and markets. With a focus on understanding public policy and individual decision making, you will be equipped with skills to think critically and to rise to challenges in business, government, nonprofit sectors, and more.

Sample courses in this program include:

  • EC336, Comparative Economic Systems
  • EC339, Economic History of the United States
  • EC342, Economic Analysis of the Law
  • EC346, Health Care Economics
  • EC351, Urban Economics
  • EC352, Personnel Economics

Please visit the Butler University Bulletin for more course information.

The Economics major can be completed in a total of three years. More information can be found here.

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Graduate with four years of experience.

Through market-centric programming, deep business-to-education collaboration, and a dedicated career mentor, the Lacy School of Business (LSB) equips its students with the skills and knowledge to sharpen their competitive edge. 

LSB not only requires that every student have two internships; we also help you secure them. All of our students start a business in their second year, and experiential opportunities are incorporated into business courses each semester. 

The combination of a Butler education plus four years of real-world business experience and professional career mentoring is reflected in the success of our graduates, many of whom land positions right out of college that are intended for professionals with three or more years of work experience.