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Make Your Mark.

Butler’s Marketing program is anything but traditional. Here you’ll explore the multifaceted world of business, gaining a holistic understanding that will set you apart in the competitive landscape. We ensure you stay at the forefront of marketing trends by delving into areas like digital marketing, artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing, international marketing, and marketing analytics, equipping you with the knowledge and skills that are highly sought after in today’s dynamic business environment.

Our Marketing students are primed for success, often becoming sought-after assets for firms. Many companies return to recruit more Butler Marketing majors, a testament to the excellence and caliber of talent our program nurtures.

Program Information


Sample courses in this program include:

  • MK 380 – Introduction to Marketing Management
  • MK381 – Salesmanship and Sales Management
  • MK384 – Marketing Analytics
  • MK385 – Marketing Research
  • MK386 – Health Care Marketing
  • MK471 – Advertising and Promotion Management
  • MK473 – Retailing
  • MK480 – Marketing Management/Strategy
  • MK483 – Consumer Behavior
  • MK486 – Digital Marketing
  • MK491 – International Marketing
  • MK495 – Special Topics in Marketing (AI in Marketing)
  • MK495 – Special Topics in Marketing (eSports Marketing)

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Three-Year Program

The Marketing major can be completed in a total of three years. More information can be found here.

My major gave me a very strong foundation in how a business is managed.

“I came in as a Marketing major because I was (and still am) very interested in how companies differentiate themselves and how they portray value to their customers based on what it is that they do or offer. I’m also a huge people person and love building new relationships with those around me, so a combination of these things made Marketing a clear fit.”

Charlie Griswold ’22
Accelerated Development Program Associate, Roche Diagnostics

Photo of Charlie Griswold

Marketing FAQs

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