Critical Communication and Media Studies

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Learn to unravel the threads of popular culture.

In this program, you’ll be challenged to examine popular culture’s influence on ourselves as well as society. You’ll work closely with accomplished and award-winning faculty to explore how this influence contributes to the construction of both personal and public identities. And, you’ll become engaged citizens, scholars, and practitioners who work in a variety of communication professions, attend distinguished graduate programs, participate in civic life, and shape public culture.

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The Critical Communication and Media Studies (CCM) program at Butler is a unique interdisciplinary program that combines perspectives from critical theory, media studies, and rhetoric—fields of study that complement each other but are often separated in more traditional communication programs. As such, the program serves as a showcase for synergy. Sample courses in this program include:

  • CCM 310 – Media and Cultural Theory
  • CCM 398C – Argumentation and Advocacy
  • CCM 482 – Voices of Dissent and Social Change
  • CCM 365W – Media & Cultural Criticism
  • CCM 330 – Representations of Race & Difference
  • CCM 321 – Documentary Film & Culture

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  • Film Studies Specialization
Three-Year Program

The Critical Communication and Media Studies major can be completed in a total of three years. More information can be found here.

The Butler Advantage

In this program, students will:

Acquire skills in and demonstrate systematic and innovative inquiry into the production, reception, and circulation of public and mass-mediated communication.

Demonstrate an understanding of historical, theoretical, and critical perspectives as they apply to a variety of public and mass-mediated messages.

Interpret, evaluate, and critique the symbolic and shared processes of meaning making.

Analyze how identity and power affect communication globally and locally.

Develop an appreciation of the value of communication to promote community engagement and social justice.

Every single time I enter the College of Communication, I always feel that I have someone to talk to.

“Butler gave me the infrastructure I needed to prepare for graduate-level work. My professors constantly pushed me while nurturing the skills I needed to thrive in difficult situations.”

Arie Likhtman ’24
Critical Communication and Media Studies

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