Esports Communication

The Esports Communication minor builds in-demand skills needed for success in the booming world of competitive gaming. In this interdisciplinary minor, students will gain a foundation in esports production, communication, business, marketing, and more, preparing students for a variety of careers in esports. 

In addition to the core set of courses in the minor, you will have the ability to choose specific areas of interest with electives in multimedia graphics, leadership, sales, entrepreneurship, and media analytics.

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Creative Media and Entertainment

Creative Media and Entertainment will provide you with up-to-date conceptual and practical skills in digital media technologies, aesthetics, and industries. You’ll study how experienced decision-makers and media producers create and distribute media to engage audiences and then develop your own content from pre-production planning to finished communication product. You’ll develop a passion for storytelling with the tools to design and produce content for television, film, video, online, and interactive media.

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Web Design and Development

If you’re interested in shaping the way we interact with technology, you’ll find your calling in our Web Design and Development program. You’ll be immersed in the design and development of the myriad of web technologies we encounter on a daily basis so that you can design better interfaces to respond to the ever-evolving web market. Graduates will enter the workforce with a highly sought-after skill set and the industry experience to propel them to the front of the pack.

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Strategic Communication: Public Relations and Advertising

One of the first programs in the nation to blur the line between public relations and advertising, this major is home to courses that challenge you to develop strong research and analysis skills to help organizations make data-backed decisions to connect with key stakeholders through audience-centric communication.

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Sports Media

In this program, you’ll develop and broaden your skills and understanding of the industry on the field, in the press box, and in the locker room at some of the nation’s biggest sporting events. Offered through the Entertainment Media and Journalism Department, our hands-on approach to sports media provides you with a solid foundation in sports media production, writing, and multimedia storytelling.

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Music Industry Studies

Through practical experience, creative preparation, and in-depth study, you’ll develop the knowledge and experience favored by varied sectors of the music industry, such as concert promoters, venues, music publishers, product manufacturers, radio, performing rights organizations, and talent agencies.

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Organizational Communication and Leadership

Formerly Human Communication and Organizational Leadership

Every great leader possesses the skills to express themselves. In this program, you’ll blend innovative courses with opportunities for local, national, and international real-world experiences, which will prepare you to design your own path to professional greatness in a dynamic, technologically centered, and global society.

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Film Studies

This minor, frequently paired with the Critical Communication and Media Studies major, explores how people devise and use media—whether speeches, social media, or others—to engage their world and to construct identity and community.

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Exploratory Communication

The Exploratory Communication major gives you an opportunity to discover the many areas of study that Butler’s College of Communication (CCOM) has to offer. Whether you want to work with people with communication disorders, study film and television, create your own film or web series, work in advertising or public relations, become a news writer, or entrepreneurial leader, CCOM has a major that will fit your passions and interests.


Critical Communication and Media Studies

In this program, you’ll be challenged to examine popular culture’s influence on ourselves as well as society. You’ll work closely with accomplished and award-winning faculty to explore how this influence contributes to the construction of both personal and public identities. And, you’ll become engaged citizens, scholars, and practitioners who work in a variety of communication professions, attend distinguished graduate programs, participate in civic life, and shape public culture.

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