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Explore spoken Mandarin and simplified Chinese characters comprehensively–along with the rich cultures, peoples, and business climate of China. Led by native speakers, Butler’s Chinese program supports interdisciplinary study with other departments, including International Studies, History and Anthropology, Communication, Business, Pharmacy, and more. This program affords you every degree of immersion necessary to increase linguistic and cultural fluency, preparing you for today’s globalized marketplace and continued language studies post-graduation.

Sample courses in this program include:

  • CN100, Chinese Character Writing
  • FL320, Chinese Civilization
  • CN300, Chinese for Oral Communication
  • CN310, Chinese for Written Communication
  • CN315, Chinese for Business
  • CN401, Internship in Chinese

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Foster an ambitious spirit. Cultivate a career.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) attracts the kinds of students who are never satisfied with the status quo. Our quest for knowledge is both timeless and modern. 

We immerse students in the oldest teachings, but also the latest learnings in culture and language, science and technology, psychology and philosophy. In all disciplines, we incorporate research, encouraging students to question everything and meticulously test new theories. Communication is emphasized, teaching students to negotiate, debate, and effectively disseminate information. 

LAS students are committed to being thoughtful practitioners of whatever field they choose, resulting in graduates who are engaged in their careers, active in their communities, and continually learning and leading.