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The future of healthcare is you.

Medicine is advancing—and so is your career.

At Butler, we prepare students to tackle the big health challenges of today, like infectious diseases, pandemics, and healthcare disparities at a time where medical science is moving faster than ever. Our programs are designed to help you keep up and thrive in this rapidly changing healthcare landscape, whether it’s managing population health or embracing digital transformation.

As a student in a health-related major, you’ll get to learn in small classes with faculty who are dedicated to your success. Plus, you’ll dive into hands-on research and community fieldwork, becoming a real advocate for health and wellness. Our faculty and students never lose sight of the big picture: creating excellent outcomes in labs, pharmacies, clinics, and communities. That’s what drives us. Our commitment to caring and scientific discovery shapes everything we do.

Whether you’re interested in how medicines interact, the complexities of human anatomy, the business side of healthcare, or even veterinary care, Butler offers a diverse range of healthcare programs for you to explore. You can even declare a Exploratory Studies major as you figure it out and receive guidance along the way. 

There is a high demand for healthcare and health science professionals and a wide variety of specialized career paths to pursue. So, whether your goal is to perform leading biochemistry research, develop important public policy, or be on the frontline of patient care, at Butler you’ll be equipped to make an impact. Come build your skills and knowledge to become a leader in clinical practice, research, healthcare administration, biology, public health, or medical technology.

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Careers in Health

Our graduates find professional success in hospitals, pharmacies, nonprofits, government agencies, and beyond. These are just a few examples of the many jobs in healthcare.  

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Your curiosity is contagious.

Epidemiologists study the origins of diseases and other health hazards by analyzing patterns, monitoring public health trends, and researching how to anticipate widespread crises. They also research how illnesses spread and who is at risk of infection so communities can control or prevent future outbreaks.

You’ve been prescribed a passion for health.

Pharmacists are avid medical researchers, consultants, and pioneers when it comes to understanding and prescribing medication. Our ambitious pharmacy graduates strive to improve health outcomes and raise quality of life standards to unprecedented heights.

You’re prepared to provide excellent care.

Registered Nurses (RNs) facilitate care plans in hospitals and homes by administering treatments, monitoring vitals, assessing patient progress, informing and educating families, and much more. Registered nurses are on the front lines supporting patients and providers alike.

You care for the caregivers.

Healthcare administrators ensure providers, hospitals, and clinics operate smoothly to improve patient outcomes. They combine health and business expertise in roles such as medical billing, information management, and pharmaceutical sales.



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From the classroom to the clinic.

We develop students who are as confident as they are compassionate through experiential learning opportunities, such as clinical rotations and exposure to real practice settings.

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Continue your education.

Thanks to Butler’s graduate and professional pathways, including the Doctor of Pharmacy program and Master of Science in PA Studies, your academic career doesn’t have to end in undergrad.

Chart your course in healthcare.

Individuals in health-related professions make a positive impact on others’ lives, enjoy career and financial stability, have opportunities in all types of geographical locations, and often have the flexibility to ‘change lanes’ without changing professions.  Butler is a premier destination for undergraduate education in the healthcare space. We have a unique approach, co-educating future clinicians, healthcare business leaders, policy makers, and insurers. Our graduates are trained to view challenges through multiple lenses and create innovative solutions to complex healthcare problems.

Amy Peak
Associate Professor, Health Sciences

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Whatever path you’re interested in pursuing, there’s a place for you at Butler.


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