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The impact of careers in education is immeasurable. That’s because you’ll be shaping and guiding future generations, influencing the way they make a difference in the world.  We believe everyone should have access to high-quality education and expert guidance—delivered in ways that inspire, engage, and transform.

At Butler, you’ll hit the ground running with experiential learning opportunities that put you in the field in year one. You’ll get hands-on experience in real schools with real students, building the tools and confidence you’ll need to shape how they learn, dream, and prosper. Or, through majors such as Kinesiology and Youth and Community Development, you’ll begin experiential learning in diverse settings such as clinics, youth programs, and research organizations. 

Our programs are focused on advancing and evolving to better serve our communities’ needs—from emphasizing inclusive education to innovative STEM programs. You’ll also learn how to incorporate new technology and adaptive learning tools into classrooms and clinics, so you can better support individuals’ needs and learning styles. Butler strives to stay at the forefront of today’s most important changes and advancements in education.

No matter your course of study, Butler’s College of Education will prepare you for a range of career opportunities beyond traditional teaching. This could include educational technology, curriculum development, and careers following continued education such as educational administration and counseling. Some careers even benefit from integrating STEM and educational backgrounds to achieve a holistic approach to the industry, as seen in our new Kinesiology program. 

At Butler, we emphasize adaptability and problem-solving skills so professionals can be ready to respond to changes in technology, society, and learning needs.

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Careers in Education

Our graduates find professional success in classrooms, clinics, nonprofits, boardrooms, and beyond. These are just a few examples of the many jobs in education.

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You know how education empowers.

Teachers are the backbone of the education system, setting students up for success from learning their colors to choosing a college. No matter the subject or grade, teachers inspire students to discover their strengths and passions while growing into well-rounded, educated individuals.

You train the mind and the body.

Athletic trainers support professional and student athletes with injury treatment and preventative care. They work alongside coaches, doctors, and students’ families to educate on injury management, rehabilitation methods, and best practices to ensure the long-term wellbeing of their athletes.

You’ll take learning outcomes to another level.

Education researchers help those in the classroom succeed by analyzing curriculum, teaching methods, learning styles, the challenges facing today’s students and families, and more. They are strategic, critical thinkers who work out of a desire to nurture inquisitive minds.

You’re proud to have faith in the next generation.

Youth program coordinators oversee activities that transform young lives. Whether they work in schools, summer camps, places of worship, nonprofits, or other settings for child development, they know that consistently showing up can make all the difference in a young person’s life trajectory.

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Real classroom experience, right away.

At Butler, you’ll be immersed in both classrooms and the community. After four years of experiential learning, your research, theory, and practice will give you confidence as you start your career and stand out to employers.

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Build local relationships.

Butler partners with Indianapolis Public Schools, the MSD Pike Township district, the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, Indianapolis Public Schools/Butler Lab schools, and other community connections so that students can experience local educational contexts.

Where passion meets purpose.

Whether you want to make an impact in a classroom, community, or in sport/wellness settings, the common link within our College of Education is the human-centered focus. Working alongside our amazing faculty in both classroom and field experiences will give students the skills they need to truly impact lives.

Angela Mager
Senior Lecturer and Assistant Dean, College of Education

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Whatever path you’re interested in pursuing, there’s a place for you at Butler.


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