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Harness the power of messaging.

Tomorrow’s storytellers are joining a rapidly evolving communication landscape. The rise of digital media and communication technologies means communication professionals are now navigating the challenges and opportunities of a globally connected world. Cross-cultural communication, international crises, and social media ethics are also essential considerations.

At Butler, students explore exciting opportunities through on-campus collaborations and by connecting with other creatives in Indianapolis. You’ll learn to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex challenges. You’ll also find a community as creative, tenacious, and transformative as you. 

Studying communication also provides insight into how messages influence people’s perceptions and behaviors. Today, there is an increasing emphasis on data-driven decision-making—using analytics to measure the effectiveness of communication strategies, understand audience behavior, and refine messaging.

At Butler, you’ll build this foundational knowledge as you gain the core versatile skills to succeed in any communication field, including writing, public speaking, and interpersonal communication. During your time here, these skills will not only be built from time in the classroom but through doing—you’ll create real public relations plans, work on real TV stations, cover real stories for the newspaper, and so much more.

Whether you aspire to be a journalist, media producer, public relations specialist, or speech pathologist, Butler is your launchpad to a thriving and impactful communication career.

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Careers in Communication

Our graduates find professional success in agencies, newsrooms, companies, educational institutions, nonprofits, and beyond. These are just a few examples of the many jobs in communication.

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You make an impact with a pen and a pitch.

Journalists play a crucial role in holding people and corporations accountable, facilitating the free flow of information, and keeping the public aware of current events. They are naturally curious, critical thinkers with the ability to tell compelling stories in print, online, or onscreen.

You’re a wonder at spreading the word.

Communication coordinators use multimedia content creation to tell the story of their company’s services or products. Whether they’re developing ads, writing email campaigns, or maintaining a strong brand identity, they give an organization its voice and presence.

You shape your brand’s identity.

Public relations professionals know that a positive reputation takes work to earn. They maintain a person or organization’s image by writing press releases, managing media appearances, analyzing public opinion, and other strategic efforts to build trust with key audiences.

Your niche is waiting.

Multimedia content creators build audiences across popular platforms to promote products, services, lifestyles, and ideas. Whether they’re employed by a brand or work as their own boss, content creators have a strong instinct for trends and multimedia messaging.

Photo of Butler Student in the College of Communications Studio

Equipment for the real world.

Each of our programs rely on resources and facilities you’re likely to encounter in your career. This includes our full-size, HD studio and control room, our ProTools-equipped recording studio, on-campus clinical services provided at our Audiology Clinic, and more.

Photo of the Butler College of Communication production truck

Build your portfolio now.

Write for the student newspaper The Collegian; join a student-run communications firm operating through our college’s PRSSA chapter; hone your media production skills with Indy Blue Video; and dive into a variety of other opportunities to do real work, right now.

Master the art of impactful communication.

Great communication is the crossroads of strong writing, critical thinking, and smart design aligned to inform and motivate. These elements come together to help us produce memorable events, overcome an unexpected crisis, call for social justice, or to connect meaningfully with an audience. I’m so honored to be among the amazing faculty and local business leaders who stand in awe as our engaged students continually orchestrate inspired communication plans utilizing sound strategy, enticing creativity, and responsive empathy. Truly, excellence all around.

Bob Schultz
Instructor, Strategic Communication: Advertising and Public Relations

Photo of Bob Schultz at Butler University


Whatever path you’re interested in pursuing, there’s a place for you at Butler.


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